Lisa van Sorge

Lives and works in Breda (NL)



Through repetition, the idea of what a painting is needs to expand in order to find its own possibilities and restrictions. The use of color, composition and the way the paint behaves is brought back to its essence. There’s no foretelling what the repeated work is going to be like: the separate works become interrelated and start to influence and effect one another. Questions about the work itself, the boundaries of a single canvas and the relations between them arise. What remains when an image is repeated? What precisely is added? How does the repetition relate to its original (if there even is one), and how would this process work in the case of a human being, trying to relate to all the copies and repetitions that nowadays exist?


Painterly ideas are an important point of departure of my art practice, but it expands beyond these in order to bring all the aspects of my work together. I mostly work on long term projects in which repetition, use of color, composition, textual aspects and tactility play a crucial role. Bringing together these elements is possible within the eventual emplacement in a space when everything is subjected to the newly found relations.